Grand Seiko 4522-8000 (Toshiba commemorative)

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Toshiba had a long standing relationship with Grand Seiko in the 1960’s and 1970’s, with the latter manufacturing watches that the former presented to employees who had completed 25 years of service with the company.

Starting with the 5722-9970 in 1965, “Toshiba Commemorative” watches can be found from every year up until 1973, spanning four different references.

Whilst collectors are probably familiar with the 5722-9970 watches, very few realise that the watch seen here – the 4522-8000 – and the 5641-7000 were also used.

The Toshiba commemorative references are interesting because Grand Seiko went to the trouble of actually producing custom case-backs for the reference, with the commemorative inscription and year of presentation taking pride of place where usually we would see the model reference number, water proof/resistance text, and case material construction. Additionally, there is no serial number stamped on the case back.

For all the references, the reference code and serial number can be found on the inside of the case back.

The watch presented for sale here dates from 1969 (the same reference was also used for commemorative watches in 1970 and 1971), and is in excellent overall condition. There is only very minor patination on the dial, with the case retaining its sharp edges and original “Zaratsu” mirror-polished surfaces.

With the 452x-8000 becoming more and more in demand from an ever expanding base of vintage Grand Seiko collectors, the watch shown here presents a very rare opportunity to acquire an extremely desirable reference with just that little extra something to lift it above the crowd.

As with all watches that we offer for sale, this 4522-8000 “Toshiba Commemorative” will be fully serviced immediately prior to shipping, giving you the peace of mind that, even 51 years after its original manufacture, it will provide years and years of satisfaction into the future.

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The 45GS series was the second, and final, series to be manufactured by the Daini Seikosha company.

Unlike the contemporary 61GS series from Suwa Seikosha, the model structure and numbering methodology for the 45GS series is both clear and consistent. A total of 19 distinct models were produced, with 18 of them being available for general public sale.

There were just three calibres used for the 45GS series – the 4520A (no complication), the 4522A (with date complication), and the legendary 4580 VFA.

Both 4520A and 4522A calibres were offered in four case variations. Versions of all case designs can be found for sale on this website.

  • -7000 cases are highly angular, with sharp well defined contours, edges and corners. Cases were available in both steel and cap gold variants, with the steel versions being available with two different dial finishes – off-white linen textured, and a dark blue matte. The dark blue is sometimes misinterpreted as being black in colour, and – somewhat confusingly – after-market re-finished dials are available in black. (Total of 6 legitimate models across the two calibres.)
  • -7010 cases are oval shaped, with brush metal finish. There are two dial variants for these models – one with 36,000 on the dial, and one without (Total of 4 models – two for each calibre, with and without the 36,000 designation on the dial)
  • -8000 cases adhere closely to the “Grammar of Design”, and come in both steel and cap gold. (Total of 4 models, two for each calibre)
  • -8010 cases are distinguished by being made in solid 18K gold, and finished with a linen-like texture. (Total of 2 models, one for each calibre)

In addition to the above sixteen models, there was also a version of the 4522-8000 in steel that was made for the Toshiba corporation as a commemorative watch given to employees who celebrated 25 years employment with the company.

Finally, there are two VFA models utilising the 4580 calibre. These models can undoubtedly be considered the absolute pinnacle of the entire vintage Grand Seiko era, and either of them would qualify without peer as the ultimate “grail” piece in any vintage Grand Seiko collection – not just because of their rarity, but also because the represent the ultimate achievement of what Grand Seiko was all about – creating quite simply the best watch on the planet.



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