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For those who are unaware, going forward I have decided to list only three watches for sale at any one time. I have explained the rationale for this in previous posts, so won’t bore you with the details here.

The three watches will only be made available for 6 weeks. Should any of them not sell within that period, they will be returned to “the vault”, and not be made available again for quite some time. As should be evident from the “Chess set” above, there is no shortage of stock (all pieces on the board are either Grand Seiko “Firsts”, or VFA’s), but I am fortunate to have very low outgoings, and am in no hurry to move any of these on.

Broadly speaking, the three watches will typically fall into the “low-”, “mid-”, and “high-” end price categories, with the first piece typically being a great starter watch in the $2-5,000 range, the second a mid-range priced piece (very often it will be a “First”), and the final watch will generally be a VFA.

Note that watches are first made available to my Substack subscribers, and I would encourage everyone to sign up for new content that will always be published on Substack before reaching this website.

Let’s take a look at the watches –

Grand Seiko 5646-7010 blue dial with box and papers

First up is a very nice example of the blue-dialed 5646-7010, which comes complete with original buckle, inner and outer boxes, and certificate.

The watch is in very good condition overall. The dial is clean and unmarked – something very rare for these – although as will be clear from the above photo, the dial “furniture” shows the signs of oxidation that is typical for Grand Seiko watches from this period.

The case is unpolished, retaining the desirable sharp lines and clearly defined facets, and has minor signs of wear, as one would expect for a watch dating from April 1972. Additional photos highlighting all “dings” are available on request.

Flipping the watch over reveals a superbly preserved gold Grand Seiko caseback medallion.

Priced at US$2,800, including fully insured worldwide courier delivery, the watch has just returned from service, and would make an ideal starter piece for anyone considering building a collection of vintage Grand Seiko.

(note – in the photo below, the watch head is wrapped in protective plastic)

Grand Seiko “First” with carved dial

The Grand Seiko “First” of course will need no introduction to readers of this newsletter, and the one we have for your consideration here is probably the best value carved dial First that we will ever offer.

The spotted dial on this First is very typical of what we see on these watches that in many cases are now approaching 60 years old, or even more.

Dating from October 1960, this watch has just celebrated its 61st birthday, and, being manufactured in 1960, not only has the extremely desirable carved logo dial, but also the split-12 index, and of course the “mountain” hands.

The case is in excellent condition, with the faceted lugs still very clearly defined even after all these years. Turning the watch over reveals a caseback in great condition, and with the original and correct “early” Grand Seiko lion 14K medallion.

As may be clear from the above photo, this watch is pending service. As such, there will be an approximate 2 week delay in shipping from the time the order is placed.

The watch is priced at US$6,500, including fully insured worldwide courier delivery.

Grand Seiko 6185-7000 VFA

For those looking for the ultimate discreet dress watch, surely there are few that could stand comparison with the 6185-7000 VFA?

Produced in very small numbers – in 6 years of looking, I have seen maybe not even half a dozen of these come to market – it is an extraordinarily elegant 37mm wristwatch with the legendary 6185 movement encased in solid 18K gold.

As can be seen in the above photo, the linen textured dial is simply stunning, and the case is in superb – quite likely unpolished – condition, with just one minor ding on the underside of the left flank that is not visible when the watch is viewed from above –

Priced at US$42,000, this represents a very rare opportunity for the most discerning of collectors to acquire this reference. With an example of the much more common steel cased 6186-8000 VFA selling for $48,500 earlier in the year at Phillips, I feel this represents extraordinary value. One can only wonder what price Phillips might be able to achieve for one, should they ever have one consigned!

To enquire further about any of the watches detailed in this newsletter, please don’t hesitate to contact me by completing and sending the form below – additional photos and video overviews of each watch can be provided.

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