Watches for sale

For those who are unaware, going forward I have decided to list only three watches for sale at any one time. I have explained the rationale for this in previous posts, so won’t bore you with the details here.

The three watches will only be made available for 6 weeks. Should any of them not sell within that period, they will be returned to “the vault”, and not be made available again for quite some time. As should be evident from the “Chess set” above, there is no shortage of stock (all pieces on the board are either Grand Seiko “Firsts”, or VFA’s), but I am fortunate to have very low outgoings, and am in no hurry to move any of these on.

Broadly speaking, the three watches will typically fall into the “low-”, “mid-”, and “high-” end price categories, with the first piece typically being a great starter watch in the $2-5,000 range, the second a mid-range priced piece (very often it will be a “First”), and the final watch will generally be a VFA.

From 2022 onwards, watches for sale will only be detailed in my Substack newsletters.

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