Following on from the production in September 1964 of the 5722-9000 in 18K gold prior to the Tokyo Olympics, another batch of 18K gold cased 57GS were produced in September 1967.

As would be expected given the dropping of the word “Chronometer” from Seiko watches post-1966, this second batch of watches – with the movement-case serial number of 5722-9001 – had different dials to the earlier ones.

The dials are laid out in exactly same way as those found on the cap gold 5722-9011, and indeed it is likely that the exact same dials were used for both watches, with the dial code printed “Japan 5722 [6 o’clock index] 9010T AD”.

All examples of this reference that we have seen have 5722B movements. And in addition, all but one example have the GS logo on the caseback, rather than the lion logo that is seen on the earlier 5722-9000. We recall seeing one example of this reference with a lion logo in the past, but are unable to track down a photograph of it.

The 5722-9001 makes no appearance in any Seiko catalogue, and we have not found a single image of it in any official Seiko publication of the era.

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