Grand Seiko 4420-9990, early dial

The Grand Seiko 4420-9000 is rightly considered to be one of the landmark releases of the vintage Grand Seiko era, and the watch today is considered a true icon of the brand, with the design language it introduced continuing to have significant influence on the design of Grand Seikos even to this day.

The 44GS series – the first Grand Seiko to come from the Daini Seikosha company – was on sale for only a short period – debuting in the supplement to 1967’s Number 2 catalogue, and making its final appearance just one year later in the second volume of the 1968 catalogue.

But even within that short period, Grand Seiko released two versions of the stainless steel cased 4420-9000.

The first variant of the 4420-9000 to be released is shown above, and can be identified by its “Diashock” dial. As mentioned, it debuted in the supplement to 1967’s “Number 2” catalogue.

The “Number 2” catalogue was not the second catalogue of 1967, rather, it was the second main catalogue that Seiko published following the introduction of the “Number 1” catalogue in 1966. Each of these first two main catalogues was supplemented by an additional publication that detailed watches introduced during the course of the year to the range. Therefore, when looking at these supplemental catalogues, we do not see the full offer – just the newly introduced references that were not available at the start of the year.

As will be seen when looking at the first volume of the 1968 catalogue, in which the first dial variant of the 4420-9000 also appears, all watches in the Grand Seiko range at the time of the introduction of the 44GS series had common dial layouts.

Purchasing opportunities

We currently have two examples of this reference available for purchase from the following links –

Catalogues and other official Seiko publications

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