Whilst the AD dial variant of the first Grand Seiko is rare enough in its own right, in mid-2020 we discovered a unique example of a watch with an AD dial with different hour indices to those found on all variants of the reference.

On studying the dial in more detail, we discovered that it has a date stamp of 57 on the obverse side of the dial, indicating production in July 1965. The case back serial number of this watch indicates production in April 1962, so we are led to assume that this watch features a service dial.

Researching other Seiko references from the early-mid 1960’s we have discovered that some examples of the Lord Marvel would appear to share the exact same indices as found on this watch.

The most markedly different index is that found at 12 o’clock.

Additionally, the indices at 3, 6 and 9 also differ to those found on all other Firsts in that they do not have bevels at their ends, as can be seen in the following image –

This particularly watch is extremely interesting due too the lateness of its dial, and the unique markers.

Whilst we are not formally offering this watch for sale, we will entertain serious enquiries, although please do note in advance that we value this watch considerably higher than any other variant of the reference, excepting the platinum cased models.

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