Seiko brochure from Summer 1965

One of the key aims of this site is to be a source of information for those who collect vintage Grand Seiko. We don’t just list the watches that we have for sale in the anticipation that customers will add them to their collections – we also list watches that we have never had in stock, along with as much data about those watches as we can glean. The intent is to be a reliable source of information about exactly which references were created by Grand Seiko, and to provide data on those references.

We are confident that currently this site contains the most complete, accurate and detailed information on the historical Grand Seiko references that you will find anywhere.

We continue to acquire vintage Seiko marketing material to add to our ever-growing library.

One of the more recent items to be added is the brochure presented here, which we believe to date from summer 1965, featuring waterproof watches from the range.

We believe this brochure dates from 1965 given that it includes the world time and single button chronograph references. Whilst both of these watches were launched in 1964, they do not feature in the previously published brochure from summer 1964 (that brochure has a date code on the back cover, whereas this one does not).

If anyone reading this article believes that in fact this brochure is also from summer 1964, please don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below.

As with the summer 1965 brochure, there is a single Grand Seiko reference featured here – the 43999, pictured with the SD dial.

Whilst the 43999 SD dial was only manufactured in from August 1963 through to early 1964, it is clear that the same stock image continued to be used in marketing material in later years despite the fact that the reference had been long superseded by first the AD dial variant, and then the 5722-9990.

This brochure is square in format, with two folds opening from the center of the cover page. We present the scans below of all pages of the brochure so that you can see how the fold-out works.

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