Seiko brochure from winter 1967

One of the key aims of this site is to be a source of information for those who collect vintage Grand Seiko. We don’t just list the watches that we have for sale in the anticipation that customers will add them to their collections – we also list watches that we have never had in stock, along with as much data about those watches as we can glean. The intent is to be a reliable source of information about exactly which references were created by Grand Seiko, and to provide data on those references.

We are confident that currently this site contains the most complete, accurate and detailed information on the historical Grand Seiko references that you will find anywhere.

We have acquired another Seiko brochure from the 1960’s that we are delighted to be able to scan and upload to the website. The format of this brochure is a single sheet folded in the middle, to create four pages.

Based on the design and watches featured in this brochure, we believe it dates from winter 1967 – a Christmas tree with ornaments is in the out of focus foreground of the cover page, and on the inside can be seen photographs of people skiing.

As with other brochures of similar design from the 1960’s, we see multiple timepieces from different sub-brands of Seiko featured. On the first inside page of the publication we are presented with ten men’s watches – including two Grand Seiko’s, the 6246-9000 and 5722-9991; opposite these are pictured ten ladies’ watches; and the back cover features Seiko clocks.

Cross-checking with the Seiko catalogues provides the provenance for dating this brochure from winter 1967, as we find that 62GS series first appeared in volume 2 of the 1967 catalgoue, and its last appearance was in volume 1 of the 1968 catalogue.

Below we present a gallery of scans of this brochure.

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