Vintage Grand Seikos in Seiko catalogues

March 2019

We have now completed our documentation of all the vintage Grand Seiko references.

The articles linked to below include scans of all pages featuring Grand Seikos from Seiko catalogues of the 1960’s and 1970’s, as well as a discussion of the references that appear in them. We have grouped catalogue appearances of women’s vintage Grand Seiko references into a single article, and there is one final article that details those references that do not have a catalogue appearance.

We hope you find these articles as interesting to read as we did in writing them – it is very illuminating to view the history of the brand through the pages of the catalogues, and several fascinating threads are revealed that otherwise wouldn’t be obvious from simply looking at the production history of the watches.

This post serves as an index for the published articles.

1962/3 Brochure

1966 Volume 1

1966 Volume 1 Supplement

1967 Volume 2

1967 Volume 2 Supplement

1968 Volume 1

1968 Volume 2

1968 Volume 2 Supplement

1969 Volume 1

1969 Volume 2

Seiko Watches 1969

1969 Volume 2 Supplement

1969 Special Luxury Catalogue

1970 Volume 1

1970 Volume 2

1970 Volume 2 Supplement

1970 Special Luxury Catalogue

1971 Volume 1

1971 Volume 2

1971 Special Luxury Catalogue


1972 Luxury Catalogue

1972 Special Luxury Catalogue

1973 Volume 1

1973 Volume 2

1973 Special Luxury Catalogue

1974 Volume 1

1974 Volume 2

1974 Volume 2 Supplement

1975 Volume 1

1975 Volume 2

Grand Seiko for Women

References not appearing in Seiko catalogues

Grand Seiko in Seiko Export Catalogues

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