Vintage Grand Seiko movement part breakdowns

The following scanned documents are the Seiko technical papers that provide the part breakdowns for each vintage Grand Seiko movement.

These would have been made available to watchmakers to enable them to order the correct spare parts when working on the watches.

Note that all movements are included except for the VFA (“Very Fine Adjusted”) movements. Based on information in another technical manual (that which provides part numbers for crystals, crowns and gaskets), we believe the reason for this was that Seiko did not want third party watchmakers to service these movements, and that they should be returned to the manufacturer for any servicing, Hence, information such as seen here would not be published and shared with the dealer network or independent watchmakers.

Click on the movement number above each set of images to see the full list of all the vintage Grand Seiko references that utilised that movement, including the watches that we have available for sale.

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